Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AMBANK - Buy 1 Free 1 Movie Tickets

Ambank offer buy one free one movie ticket at all Cathay Cineplexes.

Buy 1 Free 1 Movie Tickets (Commercial Halls) - All Ambank credit cards.
 - Maximum two free tickets per day.

Buy 1 Free 1 Movie Tickets (Platinum Movie Suites) - Ambank Platinum Cards only.
 - Maximum one free tickets per day.

Promotion period:  15th Dec 2010 until 14th Dec 2011.

Terms and Conditions:
(a) applicable only for over-the-counter purchases at the respective Cathay Cineplexes and not for e-payment ticketing facilities, online ticket purchases or purchases made over the telephone;

(b) applicable only for purchases of tickets for normal seats - exclude couple seats, tickets for screenings of premiere movies, digital 2D/3D movies, or any other movies predetermined by Cathay Cineplexes;

(c) Movie tickets are available on a first come first served basis, capped at 6,000 free tickets for Commercial Halls & 3,000 free tickets for Platinum Movie Suites during the promotion period;

(d) the free movie ticket will be given only for the screening of the same movie for which the ticket(s) is paid for with the AmBank Credit Card;

(e) the free movie ticket is not exchangeable for cash, credit or kind whether in part or in full;

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